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The newly published UUniversity courses are vetted and approved by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) and are classified as ABO-T, ABO-G and NCLE.  Please also check out our CPC (Paraoptometric/AOA) Education!

We currently have 3 CPC Courses on UUniversity.  More to come soon (and will be featured here).

Courses include:

Eye Care for Toddlers

Eye Care for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens

ABO Technical    Course ID: STWVSP032-2 Ophthalmic Level II      Course Expires 12/22/2026

This course will discuss providing Eye Care for Kids and Teens. We’ll begin by examining the role vision plays in learning, together with statistics reflecting today’s eyewear market, with regards to children and adolescents. Then, we’ll discuss appropriate eyewear options for this age demographic - frames and lenses, and close by reviewing measurements and dispensing procedures.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Stand Out From The Crowd

ABO General      Course ID:SWVSP014  Non-Ophthalmic    Course Expires: 11/16/2026

This course will discuss ways to help your practice stand out from the crowd, in a good way, and succeed in today’s highly competitive eye care industry!

Mastering Lensometry ABOT

Mastering Lensometry

ABO Technical Course ID: STWVSP029-2 Ophthalmic Level II  Course Expires: 10/13/26
ALSO CPC CE (Paraoptometric OP-0046-23

This course will provide detailed directions as to the use of the invaluable manual lensometer for lens verification.

Lens Designs, Materials, and Treatments

Lens Designs, Materials, and Treatments

ABO Technical Course ID: STWVSP026-1 Ophthalmic Level I  Course Expires: 08/15/26
ALSO CPC CE (Paraoptometric OP-0045-23 Intermediate)

During this course, we’ll begin by providing a brief overview of recommended techniques to best serve your patients' total vision needs, and then proceed to explore a selection of universal and task-specific lens designs. After which, we’ll examine a broad array of lens material options, and close with an overview of premium lens treatments designed to further enhance your patients’ visual experience.

Providing a Personalized Patient Experience ABOG

Providing a Personalized Patient Experience

ABO General      Course ID:SWVSP013 Non-Ophthalmic         Course Expires: 10/13/26

This course will discuss and recommend techniques for providing a personalized patient experience.

Contact Lens Basics NCLE

Contact Lens Basics

NCLE      Course ID: CTWVSP001-2     Course Expires: 10/13/26

As implied by its title, this course will discuss contact lens basics. We’ll explore a little contact lens history, introduce frequently used, contact lens-related terminology, examine the chemistry behind contact lens fabrication, and discuss the many benefits contacts provide to both patients and your practice.

Deliver The Best and Own The Rest

Deliver The Best and Own The Rest

ABO General      Course ID: SWVSP012  Non-Ophthalmic      Course Expires: 10/11/2026

While premium eyewear, both lenses and frames, plays a huge role in delivering the best patient experience, this course will mostly focus on what it takes, in terms of patient care and service. 

Simplifying Prism Basics ABO T

Simplifying Prism Basics

ABO Technical   Course ID: STWVSP028-2 Ophthalmic Level II   Course Expires: 10/13/26
ALSO CPC CE (Paraoptometric OP-0047-23 Intermediate)

The primary objective of this course is to provide a clear understanding of prism basics, by making it simple..

 Task Specific Eyewear

Task-Specific Eyewear 

ABO Technical  Course ID: STWQO260-2 Ophthalmic Level II  Course Expires: 9/26/2024

Course participants will: discuss how patients view eyewear purchases vs. the eye exam and prescription; explore the important role eyewear plays in providing the best vision, patient care, and service; review recommended approaches to determine the patient’s total vision needs and provide the best solutions; present examples of several different forms of task-specific eyewear, together with the benefits they provide.

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