Acing the ABO with Andrew Bruce


Tuesday, March 19, 2024 (9-11 a.m. PT)     |     Wednesday, March 20, 2024 (3-5 p.m. PT)
Starting March 19, 2024, UUniversity™ will host "Acing the ABO,” a free 8-week live ABO exam prep course presented by nationally acclaimed instructor, Andrew Bruce, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM, FCLSA. Andrew’s highly popular ABO prep course is valued at $350, but we're offering it to UUniversity members absolutely FREE!!  

The Acing the ABO Series will be taught in 8 sections:

Section 1: 

NOCE structure  |  ABO practical exam  |  Basic ocular anatomy and physiology |  Ocular muscular system and eye movements  | Some math review: metric conversions and basic algebra | Intro to theoretical optics and light  |  Basic optical concepts  |  Intro to prism and basic lens construction  |  Lens Power formula and focal length calculations  |  Optics of mirrors

Section 2:
The eye exam/instrumentation  |  Visual Acuity/Snellen eye chart  |  The glasses prescription  |  Rx transposition  |  Rx conversion  |  Refractive errors and eye conditions  |  Accommodation  |  Binocular fusion and strabismus  |  Methods of correction  |  The ophthalmic frame – components, dimensions, shapes, and types  

Section 3:
Factors to consider during frame selection – prescribed powers, frame sizing, color, and material  |  Frame materials  | Bridge and temple types  |  Ophthalmic lens designs  |  Base curve determination and related formulae  

Section 4:
Nominal power formula |  Understanding cylinder power and orientation  |  Calculating powers in oblique meridians: 30-45-60 rule  |  Types of lenses  |  PAL manufacturing processes – traditional vs. free-form  |  Lens materials and properties  | Lens aberrations 

Section 5:
Lens magnification |  Aniseikonia and iseikonic lens designs |  Lens treatments and options: photochromics, tints, UV 400, and polarization  |  Lens surface reflectance  |  AR Coatings  |  Mirror coatings  | Back to prism and its effects  |  Prism convention  | Compounding and canceling  

Section 6:
Prescribed prism and its function  |  Fresnel prism and its use |  Prism and visual field defects | Induced prism and its effects  |  Prentice’s rule and its use  |  Decentration for prism  |  Bifocals and image Jump |  Splitting prism   

Section 7:
Prismatic imbalance: cause and effects  | Vertical imbalance calculations  |  The “ADD” power’s effect on vertical imbalance  |  Methods to compensate for vertical imbalance  | Miscellaneous formulae and terminology  |  Laws, regulations, and standards   

Section 8:
Virtual practical section: measurements, ANSI, verification, dispensing, temple modifications  |  Closing and Q&A

About our presenter Andrew Bruce: 

This free live webinar is presented by nationally acclaimed instructor, Andrew Bruce, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM, FCLSA. 

Andrew Bruce is a licensed Washington State Dispensing Optician and contact lens fitting specialist with over 25 years-experience in the industry. He holds a Masters in both Ophthalmic Optics and Contact Lens Technology, and is a nationally recognized, advanced level approved speaker (ABO/NCLE), industry consultant, and internationally published technical writer and CE author. Most recently, he became a Fellow of The Contact Lens Society of America and was named a 2023 Contact Lens Institute Visionary. Andrew serves as an Industry Expert on three sub-committees for ANSI Z80 Accredited Standards Committee for Ophthalmic Optics and has served on the Washington State Dispensing Optician Examination Committee, in addition to the Board of Directors for the Contact Lens Society of America (CLSA). He continues to serve as a Technical Education Advisor for CLSA’s “EyeWitness” magazine, and as an advisor and proctor on their Fellow Examination Committee. Andrew is also an adjunct instructor at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon, for the Optician Assistant Program he personally developed. In 2017, he established his company, ASB Opticianry Education Services, with a mission to provide consulting and learning experiences that cultivate independent growth, development, and success. His training programs have helped many gain their ABO/NCLE certification, and Washington State dispensing optician license.


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